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SCC Responsibilities

SCC has the responsibility and authority to appoint representatives for all Snohomish County Cities who are Members of PSRC other than Everett (who has their own designated seat) to all PSRC Boards and the Economic Development District.  The appointed representatives are there to represent all cities, not just their home jurisdiction.  Representatives are responsible to read all materials, prepare as needed by consulting with other cities, attend the monthly meeting in downtown Seattle to speak on SCC Cities’ behalf, and vote on all matters before these Boards to advance our interests.  Alternates are expected to stay informed (by attending in person, observing by teleconference, or reviewing the records after the meetings’ conclusion) such that they are up to speed and able to step in when the primary representative may have a conflict and cannot attend.

Cities voting:  All cities except Everett, Brier*, Goldbar*, Index* 

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Boards and Commissions Assigned

Snohomish County Housing & Community Development
                    Policy Advisory Board

Snohomish County Law and Justice Council

County Conservation Futures Program

County Transportation Coalition

County LEOFF Disability Board

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